» Preliminary Thoughts on the Way to the Free Library Congress

By Dennis Tenen. Edited by Rosemary Grennan, MayDay Rooms (London, UK). To appear in Schloss—Post.

Article titles obscuring citation network topography. Figure 1: Article titles obscuring citation network topography. Image by the author.

I am on my way to the Free Library Congress at Schloss Solitude, in Stuttgart. The event is not really called the free library congress, but that is what I imagine it to be. It will be a...
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» Pandoc with Xelatex

A few notes after spending a some time battling with Pandoc, YAML, and the Xelatex typesetting engine:

  1. Theoretically it is easier to specify fontsize in the YAML block instead of in the command line. You don’t have to retype it each time and you can better version control your attributes.

  2. For book projects, where your YAML headers are reused, separate the YAML block into its own file. Then pass both sources...
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» On the Reddit Community

The search for “Reddit community” on Google News returns no fewer than 12,900 results. Media coverage of the recent turmoil on the site often takes the “community” part of the equation as a given. The “Reddit community” acts both as subject and an object of action. It is apologized to, it wants to make its voice heard, and it demands. But to what extent is Reddit a community? What makes for...
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