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Alt Ac has the right idea but the wrong message. What does it mean to be an academic in an “alternate” career? The “Alt-ac Track” column from Inside Higher Ed defines this semantic space as an “umbrella term to refer to full-time non-teaching and non-research positions within higher education.”1 These positions include: grant administrators, librarians, museum curators, office staff, academic advising, residential support and so on. The term was coined by . Read more »

» network experiments

A citation network diagram before layout. This is meant to illustrate the influence of clustering algorithms on analysis. Read more at ACLA’s State of the Discipline Report, “Digital Displacement”.

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» piracyLab in the news

Sarah Laskow from Columbia Journalism Review stopped by the lab last week and wrote a great piece about piracyLab. Here is a short excerpt:

“In anticipation of Congress’ next big fight over copyright, legal academics are working to gather data and learn how copyright actually works in the real world. But lawyers aren’t the only academics who have been using empirical techniques to gather information on the people who work...
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