Programming as a Foreign Language

Should programming languages count for the graduate-level foreign language requirement in a Humanities department? Yes and no. My initial thoughts towards a department policy are as follows:

Knowledge of computer languages can both reveal new literary-cultural formations and serve as a powerful tool for the study of such formations. However, it should not be viewed as a substitute for foreign language proficiency, except for cases where such substitution is convincingly justified and where it is...
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What are the minimal requirements to build an archive? How does a pile of haphazardly arranged papers differ from an archive? Look around you and notice the furniture; navigate through your mobile device where you keep your notes and your photos. Think of your social media usage, your habits of correspondence, the way you keep in touch with your family and friends, the habits of keeping a journal, taking notes, finding basic facts about...

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Alternative Facts and the Misapplication of Reason

What is the difference between critical and conspiratorial thought?

My hobbies increasingly resemble my work. One way to take “time off” from research is more research, on a different topic. There is no better way to harness that feeling of surfing a deep archival flow, than to take on small, investigative tasks for others. Writing in public offers an opportunity to use university resources on behalf of someone who does not have access, to correct...
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