Alternative Facts and the Misapplication of Reason

What is the difference between critical and conspiratorial thought?

My hobbies increasingly resemble my work. One way to take “time off” from research is more research, on a different topic. There is no better way to harness that feeling of surfing a deep archival flow, than to take on small, investigative tasks for others. Writing in public offers an opportunity to use university resources on behalf of someone who does not have access, to correct...
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Just Speech

The university paper recently asked me to comment on the University of Chicago’s free speech principles, which “affirm the University’s tolerance for all expressions of speech.”1 This is an issue that deeply affects my thoughts, research, and teaching practice. My response, for the record, was as follows:

Freedom of speech is an enviable ideal. Its practical affirmation requires also that we acknowledge systemic inequities of access and expression which have historically...

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Preliminary Thoughts on the Way to the Free Library Congress

By Dennis Tenen. Edited by Rosemary Grennan, MayDay Rooms (London, UK). To appear in Schloss—Post.

Article titles obscuring citation network topography. Figure 1: Article titles obscuring citation network topography. Image by the author.

I am on my way to the Free Library Congress at Schloss Solitude, in Stuttgart. The event is not really called the free library congress, but that is what I imagine it to be. It will be a...
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