D. Talks, Workshops, & Conferences

* Asterisk indicates talks by invitation

“Version Control for Textual Criticism.” What is a Book in the 21st Century? Columbia University. Januray 20, 2017. Workshop and lecture.*

“Technologies of Dissent.” The Black Sea Networks Initiative, Columbia University. January 20, 2017. Talk.*

“Book Piracy and Black Sea Networks.” Digital Humanities Symposium, Yale University Library. November 12, 2016. Talk.*

“Experimental Methods in the Humanities.” Scandinavian Modernism and Digital Resources, Digital Humanities Lab. Aaarhus University, Denmark. September 14, 2016. Talk.*

Knowledge Architectures: Mumbai. Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai. July 4-6, 2016. Principle convener.

“Literature Down to a Pixel.” Ephemera and Ephemerality: Media, Archive, Memory, ACLA. March 17-19, 2016. Harvard University. Conference presentation.

“Metaphor Machines.” Digital Poetics, CUNY Graduate Center. February 5, 2016.* Presented also at Possibilities: Works-in-Progress seminar, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia. 14 November, 2016.*

“Rapid Prototyping of Speculative Thought.” Digging Deep: Ecosystems, Institutions and Processes for Critical Making, CUNY Graduate Center. December 1, 2015. Talk.*

“Scene Detection in Literary Fiction.” New Digital Resources and Computational Methods for the Study of Literature in a Global Context, UCLA. November 4-5,

  1. Talk.*

“DH DevOps: Core Skills and Foundations.” Polonsky Foundation Graduate Student Workshops in Digital Humanities, NYU. May 29, 2015. Workshop.*

“Version Control for Library Use.” Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. February 5, 2015. Workshop.*

Ethics of Plain Text” with Grant Wythoff. The Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies. June 19, 2014. Lecture.*

“Rage with the Machine.” University of Glasgow. May 28, 2014. Keynote Address.*

“Technology We Deserve.” Educational Technology Conference, Columbia University Teachers College. May 18, 2014. Keynote Address.*

“Introduction to Cloud Computing with Amazon AWS.” Digital Praxis Seminar, CUNY. March 14, 2014. Workshop.*

“Book Piracy and Peer Preservation.” Connective Media, Cornell Tech. New York, NY. March 6, 2014 and March 14 of the same year at Columbia University Press. Lecture.*

“Civic Scholarship.” Research Without Borders, Columbia. February 27, 2014. Lecture.*

“Visualizing Book Piracy.” Detective: Advanced Data Visualization Project, Graduate School of Architecture, Columbia. February 3, 2013. Address.*

“Algorithmic Agency.” Cognitive Theory and the Arts Seminar, Harvard Humanities Center. November 21, 2013. Lecture.*

“Authoring in Plain Text.” Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State. November 15, 2013 and November 22, 2013 at Harvard. Workshop.*

“Literary Networks.” Digitization in the Humanities, Rice University. Houston, TX. April 6, 2013. Lecture.*

“Digital Humanities in Cultural Context.” Harriman Institute, Columbia. February 21, 2013. Lecture.*

“Interpretive Communities over Time.” Big Data and Digital Scholarship Seminar, Columbia. February 11, 2013. Lecture.*

“Hacking the Archive.” New Media in Education Conference, Columbia. February 1, 2013. Lecture.*

“Digital Humanities at Columbia.” Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship, Department of Computer Science, Columbia. November 27, 2012. Guest Lecture.*

“Growth and Decay of Shared Knowledge.” Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard. April 3, 2012. Lecture.

“Reflections on the ‘Lab’ Paradigm in the Humanities.” Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard. December 13, 2011. Lecture.

“Nothing is at Stake, Everything is at Stake: Reimagining Literature Studies.” Graduate professional development seminar, Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard. October 26, 2011. Address.*

“Experimental Criticism: Is Knowledge Aggregation in the Humanities Possible?” ACL(x) Data Mining Panel. Penn State University. University Park, PA. October 1, 2011. Lecture.*

“The Premise of Machine Literature.” University of Iowa, Iowa City; Loyola University, New Orleans; Rochester University. Multiple dates in 2011. Lecture.*

“Recursive Encounters with Ourselves.” Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia. January 26, 2011. Lecture.*

“The Tyranny of Literature.” Thinking with Technology Workshop, Humanities Center, Harvard. November 15, 2010. Lecture.*

“Stalin’s PowerPoint.” Presented at multiple conferences and by invitation.

“The Birth of Non-Fiction.” Slavic Languages and Literatures Colloquium, Harvard. Autumn 2006. Lecture.

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